Becca%27s+Wedding+Shower+006Hi, I’m Jackie and I am inspired by life.I am a freelance writer and have worked corporate in insurance, administrative, accounting and customer service. On my journey I have expanded knowledge of relationships, cooking, DIY projects, parenting, volunteering, pets, gardening, home improvements, decorating and every day things I read about continually. Writing has become a pleasure as well as a source of expression. Currently I am working on my first book. I write about a variety of subjects including creative and current articles. In my spare time I am writing, reading, hiking, camping, or working on a project creating something from items used in another capacity. There is joy in all aspects of life and I hope to share my inspirations and knowledge. Join me on my adventure through life story by story. Life is my inspiration, my pen is my brush, words my medium and screen and paper my canvas. Share my inspirations and be inspired.

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