The Scream


Each step I take creates an echo. Step by step by step I approach the inevitable. Inside my core, I can feel a scream. I do not dare voice the scream that threatens to overpower my present. Push it down, down until it can be overpowered by my will.

My will does not allow me to express my internal voice. Later, when the time is right, my will can rest to release the storm.

Strength must be gathered to deal with this journey. Can I really do this? A voice inside my head tells me I can and I must do this.

My heart aches with each echo of my steps. A tear pools at the corner of my eye and slides over onto my cheek. Slowly a wet trail forms down my cheek.

My hand comes up to touch my cheek as if in a reflex of my subconscious. NO! I cannot cry at this moment. This is the time to be strong because that is who I am. I am the strong person everyone knows.

The echo stops. My heart is pounding so hard that it is almost as loud as the previous echo of my steps. Gathering my thoughts to the surface I know I need to be acutely aware of what is going on around me now. There is a glass window of an office to my right. I can see my reflection in the window. I come back to the present and my surroundings. As I straighten my clothes and wipe my face I gather my strength. I gather my strength not for myself but for the others. I am the strong one and I have to be strong for them. I take a deep breath and begin to walk again.

About Jackie Moore Wagner

I am a freelance writer. Things I enjoy to write about are daily experiences with pets, gardening, cooking, DIY project, home improvement, relationships and creative poetry, essays and short stories. I believe life is inspirational. My marriage of 32 years, raising two daughters and my daily life gives me the inspiration​ to share. Join me on my journey of inspirations.
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