Whisper in the Dark


A Whisper

It was dark as coal when my eyes opened

Hair raised on each goose bump

Breath held in anticipation


“Momma….momma…MOMMA!” in a loud but whispered voice

Eyes adjusted and fell upon two sleeping babes

My mind searched for an answer

A louder whisper was heard by my awakened mind


Desperation in the whisper of an unseen, unknown child

My mind placed a face to the voice

Small boy of white blonde hair

Where is your momma?

Soon the light began to twinkle through the window

No more voice but a face in my mind forever

Voices of the unseen, only to be heard by the minds of some

Oh lost boy I heard you

A warning heeded by the waken mind

by Jackie Moore Wagner March 2016

Picture by Pixabay

About Jackie Moore Wagner

I am a freelance writer. Things I enjoy to write about are daily experiences with pets, gardening, cooking, DIY project, home improvement, relationships and creative poetry, essays and short stories. I believe life is inspirational. My marriage of 32 years, raising two daughters and my daily life gives me the inspiration​ to share. Join me on my journey of inspirations.
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